Aside from paintings and prints, drawings constitute an important and – in terms of quantity – certainly the most substantial part of Blazek’s oeuvre. It is through his drawings, rather than his paintings, that Blazek observes the surrounding world. Portraits, nudes and figures swimming in pools predominate in these works. For many years, the swimming pool was his ‘place of work’, as he spent his summers drawing there. Quickly drawn with a black pen, these are brief moments captured in time. Once a stroke is drawn, it cannot be undone or redone – such a drawing knows no compromise. Here, too, the white paper illuminates the vivid lines with its light, similar to the way the sun shines on natural scenes. (Dusan Brozman)

                                Blazek's entire production is accompanied by rich cycle of self-portraits. Searching and stern looks in the mirror are quickly drawn with a nervous gesture. At first sight it’s surprising, that the painter who painted the fairy world, has so cruelly existential side full of demons in himself. Nevertheless, this's the reverse side of the coin. In the work of artist living in internal exile one isn't necessarily excluding the other. (Dusan Brozman)